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SOLD – 14k Gold Necklace and Bracelet Set


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This necklace has now sold.

14k gold byzantine necklace and bracelet set.

The necklace measures 10.3mm wide/ 46mm long and weighs a substantial 51.43g.  ‚¬2900
The bracelet measures 10.3mm wide/ 19mm long and weighs 22.7g.   ‚¬1295

The necklace and bracelet are closed by a box clasp and safety clip.

The byzantine chain design is an assembly of circular or oval links into a highly complex, intricate and multidimensional arrangement.
A tubular collection of links interlocks, interweaves and intertwines together to give rise to a stunningly distinctive pattern.
The chain is also widely known by different names such as Idiot€™s Delight, King€™s Braid and Birdcage chain.

Price: Sold

SKU: 1091