Silver Bon Bon Dish With Maria Theresa Thaler Coin

SOLD – Silver Bon Bon Dish With Maria Theresa Thaler Coin


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Description: A fine piece of silver work, this dish has a round body, half fluted sides, and sits on an applied colet foot. The centre of the dish is formed using a Maria Theresa Thaler coin dated 1780.

Maria Theresa Thaler coins were originally struck by Austria and portray the empress who reigned from 1740-80. The coin was used as an unofficial trade dollar in Africa and the Near East. The Maria Theresa thaler, which in the 19th century was quite simply the thaler of the Levant, vied especially with the Spanish peso as a coin of trade and was in widespread use throughout south-eastern Europe, present-day Turkey, the Arabian Peninsula and large parts of Africa. Instrumental in the spread of the Maria Theresa Thaler was the coffee trade. In Ethiopia it was in circulation by the end of the 18th century and was the official currency from the beginning of the 19th century to 1936, when the country was occupied by Italy.

This piece is well made from a good gauge of silver and is in excellent condition.  No maker marks are visible on the piece.

Dimensions: Width 4.44cm/1.75″ Base of dish. Width 8.89cm/3.5″ Widest point at top. Height 1.9cm/0.75″ Base to rim.

Weight: 2.13 Troy Ozs/66.4g

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