Antique Georgian Memorial Ring Circa 1790

Antique Georgian Memorial Ring Circa 1790 – RESERVED




This is a wonderful example of a Georgian rose gold memorial ring. It is 9k rose gold with a gently rounded glass.

The ring contains a finely hand painted sepia miniature depicting a lady minding her sheep, beneath a weeping willow.

Rings of this type containing a painting on ivory were popular during the late 18th century and first decade of the 19th century (1780 – 1810).

These rings often featured scenes with classical symbols and motifs including urns, women in classical dress and weeping willows. The miniaturist often incorporated the hair of the person being remembered into the design by either pasting it to the surface or mixing it up into the paint.  There were known as memorial rings or mourning rings.

This example is in exceptional condition given its age. It is of wonderful quality, totally original and extremely collectible and wearable.

There are no hallmarks on makers mark on the ring but it tests as 9k rose gold.

Price: 1,250 Euro

The ring is currently size H but can be resized up or down, free of charge, as required by you.

Length: 3cm/1.18in by 2cm/0.78 inches.

Total Weight: 6.0g

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