Vintage Charm Bracelet in 9k Yellow Gold


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A vintage 9k gold charm bracelet.

This 9k yellow gold curb charm bracelet closes with a heart-shaped locket and safety chain.  It features nine unique charms in 9k gold: a Claddagh charm, a wish bone, a lucky shamrock , a horse shoe, a horse whip and shoe, a faith, love and charity charm, a spinning wheel, a stirrup, and a ship wheel.

The bracelet weighs 19.5 grams,  is 7.25 inches in length and would suit a medium sized wrist.


18.4cm (7.25″) in length. The link is approximately 5mm in width.


Each charm, in addition to the link of the bracelet and heart locket is stamped ‘375’ for 9k gold.


9k yellow gold.

PRICE: 1,495 Euro

SKU: 3042