Silver Tea/ Coffee Service, Martin Hall Co.Ltd, London 1881


Silver Tea and Coffee Service


Description: Silver tea/ coffee service comprises of a teapot, sugar bowl, cream jug and coffee pot.  All four items feature bright cut engraved decoration and bead borders with a pineapple finial to the teapot and coffee pot. An unusual, elegant and very attractive antique, from a very famous maker. A tea/coffee service like this does not come along very often. It is also a very prudent and practical investment, with the soaring price of silver in this economy. This tea/ coffee  service will appreciate while it is used and always be admired.

Dimensions:  Coffee Pot (part of set) Width 14.5cm / 5.75″ lid of pot.  Height 29cm /11.4″ top of finial to base. Length 25cm/9.8″ tip of spout to handle.

Weight: 32.95 Troy Oz/1025.1g

Maker: Martin Hall & Co, London 1881

Dimensions: Silver Cream Jug (part of set) Length 12.5cm/4.9″. Width 7cm/2.75″ Top of jug. Height 16cm/6.29″. Depth 11cm/4.3″

Weight: 8.23 Troy Oz/256g

Maker: Martin Hall Co, London 1881

Dimensions: Silver Sugar Bowl with Handle (part of set) Length 19cm/7.5″ handle to handle. Width 12cm/4.72″ Top of bowl
Height 16.5cm/6.5″ Top of handle to base.Weight: 13.76 Troy Oz/428.2g

Maker: Martin Hall Co London 1881

Dimensions: Silver Teapot (part of set) Width 15cm/5.95″ Top of lid. Height 23.5cm/9.25″ Top of finial to base. Length 26cm/10.23″ Tip of spout to handle.

Weight:29.7 Troy Oz/924g

Maker: Martin Hall Co

Origin: London 1881

Price: 4,950 euro

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