Antique 14k Gold Wax Seal Fob


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A substantial Antique 14k gold seal or fob.

The hand carved rich burnt orange coloured carnelian is carved with a heraldic coat of arms.

This well crafted wax seal has an impression in carnelian of a family crest, featuring a lion.  In heraldry lions represent bravery, loyalty, valour and strength and the shied division of this piece represents defence/ protection.

Often referred to as an armorial seal, because it would likely have been used to signify the house, or name, of the user, this fantastic and large seal is set into an 14k gold mounting.

The seal measures 38.2 mm long by 27.8 mm wide and weighs a substantial 24.51 grams.

Please note that this seal is chipped on the left hand top corner and this is reflected in the asking price.

Price: 995 Euro

SKU: 668