Antique Dutch Silver Brandy Bowl c 1750


Silver Fruit Bowl

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Dutch brandy bowls that were made in the northern part of Holland, in Friesland and Groningen, appear in 17th century inventories. Filled with brandy and currants they were popularly used at special occasions such as the birth of a child or at a wedding. Such bowls, typically with a decorated spoon, were placed on the table in the home of the bride’s parents for the guests to toast the happy couple.

This Dutch silver two handled brandy bowl of round form on a pedestal foot is from the mid 18th century. This piece is fully hallmarked however a standard national system wasn€’t put into place until 1814. This piece probably dates around 1750.

This bowl is richly decorated with foliage design. The applied handles hold three figures on each. This piece is a very good gauge of silver and in good condition.

Dimensions: Length 22.22cm/8.75″ From handle edge to handle edge. Width 9.52cm/3.75″ At base. Width 13.97cm/5.5″ Widest point at centre.

Height 8.89cm/3.5″ Base to rim.

Weight: 9.74 Troy Ozs/303.1g

Price: 650.00 Euro

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