Silver Fish Server, William Eaton (Possibly), London 1830


Silver Fish Server

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Description: A wonderful antique silver fish slice, most likely from a highborn English family. The server has an armorial of the roaring lion on the front. The piece has a Kings pattern with diamond point design.  A very substantial piece of silverware, with a scimitar blade hand pierced and superbly engraved with a fish laid over oak branches. The blade recalls the shape of a fish fin, but a suggestion has been made that especially in it’s more elongated form it resembles the outline of a headless fish.  This would be very much in keeping with the manner in which the fish appears at the table. Well hallmarked but the makers mark is slightly rubbed. It is made from heavy gauge silver, some slight scratches  but only evident on close inspection, as you would expect from a piece this age and its purpose for use.

Dimensions: Length 32cm/12.6 Tip to top of handle”. Length of server part 16.51cm/6.5″. Width 6.6cm/2.6″ at widest point.

Weight: 7.89 Troy Ozs/245.6g.

Maker: William Eaton (Possibly).

Origin: London 1830

Price: 395.00 Euro

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