Silver Presentation Cup / Goblet – Henry John Lias & Son – 1875 / 76


Silver Presentation Cup/Goblet

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This is a substantial presentation cup adorned with a fern leaf design sweeping up from the lower body of the cup. The cup sits on a spreading pedestal foot with fern leaf design and embellished bead decorated border. This fine  silver cup is in excellent condition in keeping with its age.

Dimensions:  Width 9.8cm/3.85″ Widest point at top of cup / 9cm/3.54″ At base of cup

Height: 21cm/8.26″ Top to Base

Weight: 254.6g/8.18 Troy Ounces

Maker: Henry John Lias & Son

Origin: London England

Date: 1875/76

Price: ‚995.00 Euro

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When purchased this cup contained a note  which read as follows:  This cup was won by Herbert Thomas Round in athletic sport about 1875.  Mr Round died in 1891.  This cup was then given by his widow Mary Amelia Round with much love to her great nephew Patrick Page in September 1940.