Silver Trophy Cup, J F Fenton & Co., Birmingham 1946-47

Silver Trophy Cup


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Description: A good quality two handled silver presentation cup with circular base engraved cartouche to the front. The cup is supported on a circular ebonised plinth. The front of the cup has the inscription “Irish Racing Writers Trophy 1975″

Our innate urge to memorialize significant feats or events with some type of trophycan be traced to origins of the word itself. Derived from the Greek  verb trope, meaning ” To Rout” the earliest Grecian trophy was a (presumable expressionistic) warrior figure assembled from captured weapons that victors hung from a tree on the battle site. Over time, however, the trophy evolved until in 1699 the winner of a New England horse race was awarded a two handled sterling cup made by silversmith Jesse Kyp. The so-called Kyp Cup was amongst the first of many such sport trophies most often to honour excellence in sports, they may also celebrate personal acheivement and public service- as did an important silver urn presented in 1802 to Britain’s Captain P. Summerville for saving a storm wrecked ship’s cargo from plundering pirates.

Dimensions: Width 13cm/5.1″  handle edge to handle edge.  Height 17.5cm/6.80″  top of cup to base end.

Weight: 4.7 Troy Oz/146.2g

Maker: J F  Fenton & Co.

Origin: Birmingham 1946-47

Price: Available on application.

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